Special unique boxes 

Variety of boxes for special arrangements. Our collection changes with every season. Please choose a box you like and send us an email or give us a call to customize your box. You may add: Flowers (any kind), Chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries, cakcesicles,  and chocolate flowers. You may also add letters like initials, phrases or a special message. 

Please email or call for prices, as every order is customizable based prices may vary according. 

Single Heart Box Zise: S, M, L(pink or black)

Butterfly Heart (pink or black)

MOM Box (white or pink)

2 Tier Heart Box (black or white)

Round box with bow size: S, M, L (white)

2 Tier Heart Box (golden rose)

Squared Box with Surprise Drawer (black or pink)

Cylinder Butterfly Box size: S, M, L (pink)